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Patient File

Name: Senna
"Real" Name: Sarah Gear
Serial number: 89454448F.
Room Number: F22
Roommate: Maya
Age: Appears 16
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Orange
Height: 5'0"
Language: Japanese.
Other Characteristics: Has her red hair ribbon and her hair is almost always up--
As of NS 38, she has her Shinigami uniform, complete with the large red sash.

Patient since: Day 34.
Series: Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Timeline: At the end, before the epilogue.
Power status: Can call light breezes. Can teleport twice a night within five feet as long as it's in sight. Heightened agility.

Status: Moderately fine.
Equip: Flashlight, extra set of batteries, notebook, radio, key ring, thirty pens.
Has a dull, well-used version of something like this and a katana (was Falis's from Hisoka).
On hand: Renji's sword.

For psychics:
Senna has no resistence whatsoever, but her mind is home to basically every memory you could think of, so it's sort of like a whirlwind in there. Feel free to contact mun for more information.

For sensing beings:
She feels like however Shinigami feel, but there's also two very different things about her. (1) is that not having her zanpukuto doesn't affect her as it does the others, meaning she's not incomplete in that regard. (2) is that while she is a Shinigami, she's also not.... For the sake of saving you from spoilers, we'll just say that she feels like them on the surface, but very less/more/different when you get down to it.

For heightened senses (aka smelling) beings:
Senna smells like whatever Shinigami smell like, along with wind, fall leaves, probably food, and the faint smell of a coming storm.